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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 24, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> monica: somehow i doubt the obamas will have bill clinton over to eat vegetabl vegetables. >> eric: i think that was a nice thing to say about the first lady's -- i've seen the garden. doing well. >> bob: don't get carried away. you said one nice thing about obama. >> eric: that's it, everybody. leave it there. thank you for watching the "the five." see you tomorrow. great show. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: the pentagon issues a new assessment on the military threat from china. the hunt continues in libya for muammar gaddafi. we examine what the weapons could do in the wrong hands. plus, an update on hurricane irene. as it heads for the east coast. live from the studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. there is concern tonight that the pentagon over the threat posed by china's rapidly growing military. a new report cites several major advances by the country that already possesses the
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world's largest standing army. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the specifics. >> reporter: with china's stealth capability and the launch of the aircraft carrier giving the navy a broader reach, the pentagon remains "uncertain" about china's expanding ambitions. today it released a five-month overdue annual report to congress on china's military strength. >> there is no single capability that i find to be, you know, either most noteworthy or troubling or most of concern. it is the overall trajectory of the china military modernization efforts. >> reporter: the reports released followed a flurry of high profile state visits. vice president joe biden left china on monday. >> the reports are generally late because, not because of the issues regarding counting of tanks or planes or ships but because of the political implications. essentially the white house and the state department don't want to have language that
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talks about china's belligerence and hos stillty. >> reporter: there is concern about the china j-20 stealth fighter. the surprise unveiling occurred during former defense secretary robert get as beijing visit in january and appeared to catch china civilian leadership off-guard. months later, pakistan gave chinese officials access to the stealth american helicopter tail left behind in the usama bin laden raid. an incident today's report failed to mention. in terms of cyber wa warfare, "n 2010, numerous computer systems around the world, including those owned by the u.s. government were the target of intrusions. some of which appear to have originated within the prc, the people's republic of china." during a rare visit to the united states last month, hosted by chairman of the joints chief admiral mike mullen, china's army chief of staff general pushed back on notions that the pentagon should feel threatened.
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>> translator: as is known to all, united states is super power in the world today. how could china easily have the ability to challenge it? it's simply not part of the chinese culture and we don't have that capability. >> reporter: china has 55 to 65 intercontinue nep tall missileles but conducted a record number of 15 space launchs last year, sprawling complex of hundreds of miles os of underground bunkers and continues the military buildup across the strait from taiwan, according to the report. >> bret: more on this with the panel. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. vice president biden is pushing back on the criticism that the trip to china is allay fears of the largest foreign creditor. biden said to a visit to the u.s. air force base in japan i didn't come to explain a damn thing. moody's investor service downgraded japan's credit rating. that news sent the world stock markets wavering for a while. japan nikkei index fell over
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1%. here at home, wall street had a positive day. dow added 144. the s&p 500 was up 15. the nasdaq closed 22 ahead. now the latest from libya, muammar gaddafi's foreign minister told a british broadcaster today the dictator's grip on power is over. the white house deputy press secretary says there is still no word on gaddafi's whereabouts, but there is no evidence he has left tripoli. pockets of resistance inside and around the capital are becoming very limited. and gaddafi's weapon stockpiles remain under control. that is according to the obama administration. we have fox team coverage but we'll start with steve harrigan live in tripoli where it's just after midnight. good morning, steve. >> bret, the city of tripoli is once again rocking with the sound of gunfire. all day long we saw and heard young men, who of whom have been fighting the gaddafi
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regime for six months, firing up in the air. now through the night it's the same stair. antiaircraft gun firing in celebration as well. this is despite the fact there remains much fighting still to be done. >> fighting continues in pockets in tripoli. intensifying throughout the day. by gaddafi's come pound that rebels captured yesterday. inside of the compound is ransacked. debris left similar to that, littering the streets around the city. proregime snipers targeted the road leading to tripoli's airport. while rebels manned various check points throughout the city, performing searches on vehicles. as rebels push ahead, the international focus turns to a humanitarian mission. unfreezing libyan access to aid those affected by months of brutal fighting. meanwhile, dozens of international journalist held captive in a hotel for five days by the gaddafi loyalists have been released.
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the red cross transported the journalists to a different, more secure hotel. >> everybody safe? okay? >> reporter: despite this week's gains, the huge question remains: where is libya's former leader? u.s. officials believe he may be hiding in libya. >> there is no evidence to indicate he has left. though he hasn't been seen, an audio recording said to be gaddafi's voice aired on local tv and he called on libyans to continue fighting the rebels. but defiant gaddafi said he will battle aggressors until victory or death. >> translator: all the libyans should come to tripoli to cleanse it from the ranks. come to tripoli to cleanse it from traitors. >> reporter: eager to finish their job, rebels are offering $1 million reward for gaddafi dead or alive. the international criminal court wants him, too. >> there is an icc bounty on his head, libyan bounty on his head. it will be up to the libyan people to bring him to justic justice. >> reporter: besides catching colonel gaddafi, a
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real challenge for the new government will be to establish security here. yesterday, four italian journalists were kidnapped. their local driver executed on the spot. bret, back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan live in tripoli early thursday morning. thank you. there is a warning tonight that some of the material in libya could be used to make a dirty bomb. national correspondent catherine herridge is following that part of the story. good evening. >> reporter: thank you. the focus is outside of tripoli in northwest libya, where gaddafi stockpiled the material from the wmd program publicly abandoned in 2003 at the urging of the united states. former deputy director of the international atomic energy agency or iaea said they housed radioactive waste, and low enriched uranium fuel and quantities of radio isotopes. only hinonan was with the iaea until last year. he says it took several years to remove the spent fuel rods
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and what is left could be combined with explosives and said, "the remaining material could if it ended up in the wrong hands be used as ingredients for dirty bombs. the situation today is unclear." aside from low-grade nuclear material, there are questions about the security and lethality of gaddafi's chemical weapons. while most were given up or destroyed, the house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers says some remain. >> this isn't speculation. i, myself, have seen the chemical stockpile. back in 2004. it's thousands of pounds of very active mustard gas. that concerns us. there is gas that we don't believe is accounted for, nerve agent that is deadly. >> reporter: in february, the state department spokesman p.j. crowley said some chemical weapons remain in libya, but not in a weaponnized form. today the state department said it encouraged the libyan opposition to secure the sites, bret. >> bret: we'll stay on it. thank you.
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>> you're welcome. >> bret: the european union is slapping captions on the coug force unit of the iran revolutionary guard saying they are providing equipment and support to help syrian crack down on dissent. activists say army tanks stormed today and the government released picture of decomposes corpses saying armed terrorists group kidnapped and tortureed people around the city of homes. north korean leader kim jong il says they will have a nuclear test if the international talks resume. kim met today with russian president dmitry medvedev in siberia. the so-called six party nuclear talks have been stalled since late 2008. from market gyrations to libya, to tuesday's earthquake, president obama's vacation has been so busy, he probably can't wait to get back to the white house for a break. there was more news today. of the unpleasant variety for the white house. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the president on martha's
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vineyard. >> reporter: president obama was briefed with a blistering report and a dire warning. americans need to get used to more economic pain with forecast of unemployment, staying above 8% for the next three years. >> if you look at the unemployment rate forecast you see a similar pattern, which is that a tremendous amount of extra unemployment in the past few years. but tremendous amount still to come. great deal of the pain of this economic downturn still lies ahead of us. >> that means if the cbo is correct, the nation will be on target for at least 59 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%. putting ever more pressure on the unveiling of mr. obama's new economic plan after he wraps up the vacation. >> the goal here is to put in place the policies that will strengthen the economy, create jobs and that should earn bipartisan support in the congress. so it's in our interest to make sure that we have a good sense about what it is the
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republicans would like. >> white house aides latched on to positive news in the cbo report. the projection for the budget deficit over the next decade was cut in half, thanks in part to the debt ceiling deal the president fortunatelyed last month with republicans. >> the report validates, validates the progress that has been made. validates the president's assessment that there is actually even more we should do to address this challenge. >> in fact, the cbo is still predicting more than $3 trillion to be added to the debt on top of the $4 trillion already added in the obama administration. >> the challenge for policy makers, of course, is that even what is withdrawn in the next few years, the budget deficit will still be large. >> a far cry from what candidate obama promised three summers ago. >> we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible.
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it's unpatriotic. >> today i pressedj earnest on whether the new debt is unpatriotic. he ducked by blaming the bush administration for not funding two wars apt those big tax cuts. true enough. but this president extented those tax cut and piled on trillion worth of stimulus. >> bret: that is not figured in the cbo projections. ed henry live in martha's vineyard. thank you. there is a new leader in the race to replace president obama. at least according to the latest gallup poll. texas governor rick perry has overtaken mitt romney in the new gallup survey of republicans and republican leaning independents. ron paul you see is third. congresswoman michele bachmann is fourth. herman cain and newt gingrich have 4% a piece in the poll. rick santorum has 3. jon huntsman, 1%. we have a political announcement involving someone in the sarah palin extented family. a bit later in the grapevine. up next, the latest on where hurricane irene may come
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>> bret: a strong deep earthquake shook sparsely populated jungle region of peru this afternoon. mag my nude 6.8 quake centered near the boarder with brazil. 90 miles underground there are no reports of daniel or injuries. people in washington, along the east coast, were glad to get through the day without another earthquake. although, the u.s. geological survey said there have been four aftershocks and more are possible. the washington monument is closed due to four-foot crack along the top and there are several cracks in the house of representatives office buildings across from the capital. small quakes have been hitting california. mag an3.4 hit mammoth lake. that's not unusual out there. we are keeping an eye on a big event, hurricane irene as it
3:17 pm
bears down on the east coast. phil keating is in the bahamas tonight. good evening, phil. >> reporter: bret, the eastern islands are feeling the bankrupt of hurricane irene with the winds topping 120 miles per hour. we're still here in nassau, 205 miles abay from the eye of the storm. you can see it's all clouds and rain. that is the sheer size of the hurricane. 400 miles wide. the main issue, the water behind me. all of the islands of the bama has, 700 in total will seriously have flooding issues due to the storm surge as the hurricane is expected to produce. 7 to 15 feet. 7 to 11 feet. rather. 15 inches of potential rain. in downtown nassau and in all of the islands, hurricane shutters and plywood have been going up on windows for two days. almost everything is closed at this point. all businesses. restaurants and everyone in their homes or in hotels.
3:18 pm
basically here to ride it out at this point. down in the dominican republic, irene has come and gone leaving behind downed trees, power outages and 20 towns. now, isolated behind floodwaters. as for the tourists still stuck in the be whatmas, some are worried -- stuck in the bahamas, some are worried and some are not. >> i'm not. the reason i'm not. i am here on vacation and i know i picked a time when it's hurricane season. i let it go. i've been watching the weather. i'm not going to let it worry me. >> if you ain't in it for the adrenaline, you ain't in it. >> are you not scared at all? >> a little bit. >> i'm a little scared now. >> as for the central bahamas, the worst of the hurricane expected to be happening, the peak impact between 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and 3:00 in the afternoon. a slow-moving storm. as the hurricane center says
3:19 pm
it will rattle your bones. it hit the carolinas this weekend. bret? >> bret: phil keating live in sas saw. thank you vernassau. let's get the latest on where irene is and where she may be heading with rick reichmuth in new york. good evening. >> phil is on the good side of the storm, so we are not as concerned in nassau. you can get an idea where the bahamas are. across there. nassau, in fact on the western side. this is moving across northwest, cutting across the majority of the iland. that is what this big problem. we talk about the computer models that we watch. they are in agreement. they have been trending east over the last couple of days but the trend stopped. i think we have more confidence now on exactly what is going to happen. all the models making a right turn before we get to cape hattaras and the other banks. some are getting close. we'll see impact, big impact on the outer bank of north carolina. take a look at this by the time we get to sunday afternoon and monday. the two models that you see
3:20 pm
out here, don't worry about those. they are not that reliable. but the rest of these are very reliable. we'll see landfall around long island or cape cod. buzzard's bay. rhode island. this is the official track. sunday atch, close to new york city. some areas are probably 12 to 15-inchs of rain. big-time flooding and a storm surge across the northeast. >> bret: we will watch it. thank you. still ahead, why some believe we should change the way we look at people who are attracted to young children. we'll explain. but first, political battle over jobs. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
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>> bret: gasoline continues to cover around $3.58 a gallon, where it was a week ago. gold plunged $104 an ounce today to close at $1757. employee benefits consultant says nearly up with of every ten midsize or big companys expects to stop offering health coverage once federal insurance exchanges begin in 2014. the exchanges are key part of the president obama healthcare law. another consultant found similar result earlier this summer. of course, the healthcare law will be a big factor in next year's presidential race. so will the subject of jobs. correspondent molly henneberg tells us the president, republican candidates and the big labor are all looking to use that to their advantage. >> reporter: it's becoming a key part of the stump speech. g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney in new hampshire
3:25 pm
today, championing the right to work issue. an irritant to unions because it allows businesses in right to work states to be open or nonunion shops. >> right to work states, over the last decade, added 3 million new jobs. forced union states lost a million jobs. i don't want to discriminate against right to work states. i like right to work states. i want those jobs. >> reporter: labor unions have been dependable part of obama's base. spending $400 million in 2008 to help get him elected. part of the president's message to voters is that unions even with declining membership in recent years are still an important part of the nation's economic structure. >> i speak particularly to young people because you have grown up in a time in a lot of circles, union somehow is a dirty word. to understand all this is, is people joining together so they have got a little more leverage. >> reporter: one political analyst said the right to work versus union battling ties in to what will likely be the top
3:26 pm
issue in the presidential election next year. fixing the troubled economy. >> from the republican perspective, it is about strengthening business and reducing regulation. from the democratic side, it's about supporting working families and supporting unions. so it's a very different vision of how you build a strong economy. >> reporter: potentially a large chunk of the money in that fight may come on the union side from a new supper pac or political action committee that the afl-cio is creating. to boost democratic candidates and union causes. >> we're seeing hundreds of millions of dollars pour in the right wing campaign and republican campaigns. and so it's an effort by us to counter that corporate money assault. >> reporter: the afl-cio has specifically criticized american crossroads. founded by former bush senior advisor karl rove as a "right wing fringe" and "corporate front group."
3:27 pm
american crossroads says the new super pac will let the members dip in the treasure iry for political activity. more on this next month when president obama speaks at a labor day event and governor romney lays out the jobs plan. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. we still don't know if sarah palin is running for president but we know more about the political aspirations of her grandson's father. and memorial service without the clergy. that is the plan on 9/11 next month in new york. details in the grapevine. [ male announcer ] if you're in a ford f-150 and you see this... it's the end of the road. the last hurrah. it's when ford's powertrain warranty ends.
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. religious leaders are upset that clergy will not play a role in next month's 9/11 anniversary several at ground zero. president obama will attend. the "wall street journal" reports the man who organized a large interfaith service shortly after the attacks seized exclusion as a sign that america lost its way. to have a memorial service where there is no prayer, this appears to be insanity to me. city hall officials confirm spiritual leaders will not participate and point out that is consistent with the prior 9/11 anniversary observances. students in london who qualify for a free ticket to an olympic event next summer reportedly will not be able to see sports involving guns. "london evening standard"
3:32 pm
reports olympic organizers and city hall feared a backlash from the antigun lobbyist. but the british shooting sports council says, "there is no links between olympic level shooting and crime. that is like saying a thief would use a formula one car as a getaway car." another shooting advocate points out children can see far worse on their tv screens. finally, this is not a fox news alert. but levi johnston has decided against running for mayor of wasilla, alaska. he was said to be considering that run. but the father of sarah palin's grandson says he does not want to turn the office in to a joke. his manager says johnston also wants to focus on promoting his new book. explaining, "he is not going to run right now because there are a lot of issues that he would need to study up on." johnston dropped out of high school shortly after it was announced that he and sarah palin's daughter bristol were expecting a child. now to a story about one of the most sensitive subjects
3:33 pm
imaginable. the abuse of children. there are some people who think attitudes and actions toward pedophiles should be adjusted. correspondent shannon bream explains. >> reporter: a small group of psychiatrist and other mental health professionals is advocating changes to the way the american psychiatric association defines pedophilia. in diagnostic statistical manual of disorders, dsm, saying minor attracted perps are being unfairly stigmatized. >> status, has turned into something that is a demonizing pejorative. that troubles me. >> reporter: dr. fred berlin, john hop skins university medical school, was keynote speaker at medical school last week. those pushing to redefine pedophilia worry current perceptions that keeps adult who are attracted to chirp from getting help. >> if there are people out there attracted through no fault of their own toward children, we want to assist
3:34 pm
them and make sure they don't act in ways that will cause problems for other people. >> but berlin admits there were some at the conference who suggested sexual relations between adults and children are acceptable. something he says he does not condone. dr. judith reeseman, author of "sexual sabotage" attended the event. >> the whole conference was slanted very clearly to the notion that pedophilia was a normal variation of human sexual conduct. >> reporter: in 1990, 1992, "the batmore sun" reported ber lip refused to require with a state law requiring him to report patients he believed were engaged in child sex abuse. instead directing them to first see a lawyer to direct them to berlin. thus protecting any conversation under the attorney-client privilege. the maryland attorney general deemed it illegal. today, berlin labeled the accusation he would refuse to report a pedophile actively engaged in childhood "absolutely false." skeptics say the group berlin
3:35 pm
spoke to has one goal: to move society a step closer to accepting sexual contact between adults and children and decriminalize it. >> absolutely. they're very clear about that. their goal is to take all shame out of the love for children. >> reporter: when asked for comment today, the american psychiatric association says sexual abuse of minor is a crime and we stand firmly behind the efforts to criminally prosecute those who engage in it. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: about a dozen relatives of those killed in the september 11 attacks met privately with attorney general eric holder at the justice department this afternoon. with some participating from new york. via teleconference. the lawyer that accompanied the family members said they sought and receiveed from holder an update on f.b.i. investigation in to allegations that personnel working for news corporation might have hacked in the cell phone or computers of 9/11 victims or their family members.
3:36 pm
afterward, attorney nowhereman seigel acknowledged there is as yet no evidence that happened. seigel quoted holder saying the charges are "very disturbing." but the probe is at this point preliminary investigation. the meeting came amid the broader phone hacking scand that rocked the u.k. and has seen the arrest of 15 news corp and scotland yard personnel no indietments have been filed of yet. news corp is the parent company of this network. congressional budget office is out with the new numbers on the deficit and what to expect with the economy. we'll talk about all of that with the fox all-stars when we come back. [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids.
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and boost has the taste that's preferred. your favorite patient is here! [ dad ] i choose being strong and active. i choose new and improved boost. the frontline plus killing force is there annihilating fleas and ticks. ♪ visit and get a coupon for frontline plus. the problem is, the way bush has done it in the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china, in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion
3:40 pm
for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. so now we have over $9 trillion of debt we have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that is irresponsible. unpatriotic. >> bret: that was candidate obama in 2008. the tab now is roughly $47,000 every man, woman and child. the cbo predicting $3 trillion will be added to the debt, added to $4 trillion added in the obama administration. 37% increase. the cbo report is rocketing around washington. reaction from all sides. bring in our panel. steve hayes for stand stand. a.b. stoddard of the hill. and sindcated columnist krauthammer.
3:41 pm
charles? >> well, not exactly news within the cbo, but if the cbo says it, it has to be true. it has to accept all the information given. in some way i's garbage in and garbage out. the reason it's relatively low, the $3.3 trillion in part because of the deals the republicans forced on the president this year in part it has to accept the assumption under the current law, the bush tax cut expire at the end of next year and cut the debt. nobody will permit the expiration of the cut on the middle class. that is where the money is. obama wants to retain him as the republicans do. that is where the money is. $3 trillion. cut on the rich is only 0.8. if you add it together, no way in which we won't have a
3:42 pm
retention of part of the cuts so we'll be at 6.5 trillion under the best of circumstanc circumstances. of debt in the next decade. that's immense. >> bret: we were talking about the deficit and debt, leading up to the debt ceiling increase. we remember the story about apple having more cash on hand. the company than the u.s. treasury did at that time. may still. as we are speaking here, word that steve jobs announced he has resigned as chief executive officer of apple. the board name tim cook, previously apple chief operating officer as the company's new ceo. wanted to get that on the board. big announcement in the corporate world for apple. a.b., the cbo report and it's also the projection about unemployment. being above 8%. that according to many experts and analyst is a bit rosy and it could be closer to 9% through 2014. >> the report underscores the
3:43 pm
diminishing opportunity for the economy to recover before president obama faces the voters again next year. it means he has to break with history given estimates about the unemployment in late 2012, which you said are rosy. he has to break with history to get re-elected when the country almost 20% of the country is under employed or unemployed. it puts incredible pressure on the congress, both parties. particularly what the president plans to propose to deal with the projection of a long-term slow growth, painful unemploit when they return in the fall. looking as i continue to beat the drum about a big budget fight on finishing up, when the current expires finishing it up for 2019. then the gas tax expires and the payroll tax expiring and unemployment insurance expiring. all gearing up for what seems
3:44 pm
to me at this point a partisan brawl. we have debt committee. looking like they will be deadlocked anyway. something to address on unemployment and everybody is fighting the president. regulatory roll back announce yesterday. laughed at by business and scoffed at by republicans and it doesn't look like parties are poised to work together on the problem. >> bret: we should point out that cbo report assumes as current law that the bush era draft cuts will expire. no part of them will be extented and it's believed that the middle class part of it will be, if not all of them will be for some period of time. that adds another number to the overall deficit and debt number projection. i want to play this sound quickly. head of the cbo and the debt secretary responding to this report. >> the unemploit has a serious
3:45 pm
pattern, extra unemployment in the past few years but a tremendous amount to come. great deal of the pain of the economic downturn lies ahead of us. >> report validates the progress made and validates the president's assessment there is more we should do to address this. >> bret: two different sounding sound bytes as the president gets ready for whatever the speech will be after labor day. >> technically, josh is right there were elements of the report that said the recovery act did in some ways make a small difference. he can defend what he said in the press briefing but the bigger story, you know, the real number that jumps out at this is 8% up employment through 2014. the reason it jumps out there is an ironic symmetry to it. of course, with the passage of the recovery act we never were to have seen 8% unemployment in the first place. now the cbo is saying not only have we seen the 8% unemployment but we will see it halfway through what could
3:46 pm
be the president's second term. or first term of the next president. but the other thing, implication of the cbo report that it could have on president obama tax policy are profound. tough president at this point still makes arguments for, quote/unquote, balanced approach to the deficit. everybody understands means raising taxes. you can't raise taxes in this environment. tim geithner last august said the u.s. economy because we're strengthening can withstand, that is the word he used -- withstand -- tax hikes. expiration of tax hike. now we have had negative growth in the four quarters since then. can the u.s. economy stand that and increase taxes at this time? the cbo is projecting slow growth through 2014 and echoing what the fed said two weeks ago about the slow growth of the u.s. economy.
3:47 pm
profound inability for president to make an argument to raise taxes. >> bret: when geithner said they were advocating not extenting the bush tax cut for the top tier and the quarter after that was revised to .4% growth, if you remember. the last gdp growth. if they had their way when geithner pushed that, the tax cut on top tier would have expired in january. >> that is what is so striking. stagnation in growth. there is none right now. as a result you get cro in additionty. we have 8% unemployment for years. five years if the cbo is right. that eag hissercally unprecedented since the great depression. but it is common in europe, that has a heavy entitlement stake, a huge amount of spen spending. you can argue that the stimulus temporarily created government jobs perhaps. these are not sustainable.
3:48 pm
they're not private sector jobs which are self-sustaining. as a result, as the money on the stimulus diminishes we're in chronic unemployment with huge debt and no way out that the obama administration can see or propose. >> bret: we'll see what the speech brings. next up, just how much of a threat is china's expanding military? have i got a surprise for you! [ barks ] yeah, it's new beneful healthy fiesta. gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat. ever think healthy could taste so good? [ woman announcing ] new beneful healthy fiesta.
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it is overall trajectory of the china mobilization evident and the fact they're working across a number of dimensions of power and the maritime domain that is something that i think we need to keep an eye on. >> semily, the white house and state department don't want to -- essentially the white house and the state department don't want to have language to
3:52 pm
talk about china's belidgerance and hostility. >> bret: the a wall report to congress on china's military strength. there is concern at the pentagon, new aircraft carrier, new j-20 stealth fighter, the incident about pakistan showing china, the covert stealth american helicopter tail from the bin laden raid. obviously, the spending on the military. we're back with the panel. steve, china doesn't have a real outside threat. yet this buildup is happening. and why now? >> well, that is what is so interesting about the way the report was written. it's clearly written, the end goal of the report was let's not alarm anybody. we see this happening, we see this unfolding in the slow motion. major growth in china's military posture. but we don't want anybody to be alarmed about this. what i found most interesting is the language that they use to make that point. this is from the executive summary. although china expanding
3:53 pm
military capabilities can facilitate cooperation and pursuit of shared objectives they can increase the risk of miss upping and miscalculations. it's possible that we are not miss upping anything that china is doing and not miss upping or miscalculating what they are trying to do. you haven't just seen this projection of power from china in the military realm. you have seen it on the softer side and diplomatic realm with the outreach to pakistan. it's enabling i would argue north korea over the past several years, things that will at the very least tie up the united states in terms of what we're doing. both in that region and around the world. >> bret: china has 15 space launchs over the past year. when it comes to cyber attacks, this report says, "in 2010, numerous computer systems around the world including those owned by the u.s. government were target of intrusion, some of which appear to have originated within the prc." the people's republic of china. that is a big topic in and of itself, a.b. >> right. we learned in july that the
3:54 pm
pentagon was attacked in march. 24,000 files were stolen. and they -- we were never told directly that our department of defense suspected chinese. i'm glad the report actually tried to insinuate that they do. but this is, this is a -- we're extremely vulnerable. we have known it for some time. this is something that the pentagon is trying to contend with. but the chinese depend on our unwillingness to anger them. and there was part of the discussion during your debate with former ambassador jon huntsman who is former ambassador to china and he called it an act of war and he back tracked. it's obviously the future of war. cyber warfare. >> bret: this comes, this visit, joe biden to china and this report comes after he left chinese territory. >> well, look, what is important here is to understand that there are two questions with china.
3:55 pm
the capacity, capacity and its intentions. everybody pretends the intentions are obscure. it is not. it's obvious that china wants to dominate the region. might be a question as to whether ultimately it wants to channel us in the global level the way the soviets did in the atlantic and other places but if it happens it's half a century awaywa we are talk about is now and the next decade or two. it wants us out of the western pacific, which we dominated. it's our waters. it's our pond. china is developing all these weapon systems, which would be a way to deny us access. you've got cyber space, the outer space, the surface ships, the submarines. the aircraft carrier, the ship missiles, j-20 fighter. all of these would be weapon systems to make it difficult or dangerous for america to enter the waters. it wants to dominate the region. it does. it has the claims on the
3:56 pm
waters that a lot of country in southeast asia are claiming. that is the objective. the huge increase in its capacity is aimed clearly at making its waters and not ours. that is the obvious coming threat. last word? >> the broadst context that this is taking place while the united states is moving in the opposite direction. it cuts our defense capabilities. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned to see an example of how stubborn libya's leader has been. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
3:57 pm
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and receive 3 months of netflix free. what makes us number one in motorcycle insurance? we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> bret: finally tonight, on the run libyan leader muammar qaddafi is known for a number of things like erratic behavior and fiery rhetoric and giving himself powerful sounding nicknames. is he also known for fighting to the end and being stubborn. >> he may still be hold up in his compound. in the past he has promised to die defending himself. do we have a picture of qaddafi here? w


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